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Advent Calendars
A wide range of sizes, fully personalised, and full of luxurious chocolates. Large choice of contents for all budgets.
Choose from 12, 24 or 25 door Advent Calendars, or 30 door Countdown Calendars for year round events or product launches

Mini Bonbons
Mini Bonbons, plain or personalised, filled with Lindt Lindor, Hearts, Stars, Xmas Puddings, Whisky and more
Alcohol Miniatures
Filled with your spirit of choice and personalised with your own branding. Supplied loose or in Mini Bonbons
Bulk Foiled Chocolates
Foil wrapped, bite-sized solid and filled chocolates
Choose from a wide range of shapes and foil colours
Wrapped Belgian Chocolate Bars
Delicious couverture chocolate bar with a personalised printed wrapper
Delicious shortbread personalised with your logo
Delightful gingerbread Men, Easter Bunnies, Snowmen & Xmas Trees personalised with your log
Chocolate Xmas Puddings
Containing Rum Liqueur & Grand Marnier Liqueur in a beautifully smooth praline 2.3% alcohol by volume
Chocolate Xmas Caramels
Luscious Xmas caramels covered in the finest chocolate, and finished with a festive icing decoration
Gift Boxed Chocolates
A range of delicious and luxurious chocolates packaged in gift boxes,
which can be personalised & branded to your requirements
Dog Biscuits
Tasty snacks for our canine friends personalised with your logo, message or dog's name
Hot X Bun Chocolates
Delicious chocolate with a unique Sweet & Spicy soft filling
Easter Bunnies
Made with rich & creamy Belgian chocolate and filled with delicious praline
 Easter Eggs
Chocolate Easter Eggs in personalised boxes, or supplied loose in bulk. Many sizes available
Chocolate Easter Caramels
Luscious Xmas caramels covered in the finest chocolate, and finished with an Easter icing decoration
ALL of our products are proudly made in Australia
You can be assured of quality and that you are supporting local business

GroovyChocolate Pty Ltd, Williams Landing, VIC 3027
   Tel - 0437-GROOVY (476689)    Email - sales@groovychocolate.com.au

While every effort has been made to feature products supplied by GroovyChocolate, where products bear a name and/or trademark this does not imply that GroovyChocolate have supplied these products to the owner of the name/trademark and are representative solely of the effect which may be achieved by using the same